December 9, 2009

Thanksgiving and Christmas time

I love this time of year. I don't like the materialism, though. It makes me sad. Honestly, at one point this season, I wanted to get no gifts for Christmas and instead go on a missions trip. But, that is not realistic this year, unfortunately. Oh well, at least I am blessed to not want God is so good!

However, I would love a puppy. Ever since I lost my dear dog this summer, I have missed having a dog around. I also had to put my cat down recently and my hedgehog died. Each time I have lost a pet, I have seen the awesome faithful love and peace of my Jesus more than ever. It's amazing how He comforts me :) So anyhow, back on topic, I'd like a Newfoundland puppy please. Those puppies are like the cutest things out there. Newfoundlands generally are. May I tempt you?

You must think this is cute. You must. How can you possibly not? =P So yep, my point is that I want a huge fluffy dog that is much larger than myself...a gentle giant ;)

Thanksgiving was good. I forgot to make a 'what I'm thankful for' post. But really, should I even try? How can I express all that I am thankful for? I could say 'Jesus, my family, friends, etc....' But really, that just frustrates me because I am so much more thankful than I can express....

I am pretty excited about how my first semester of dual enrollment has gone in the local community college. I hope the next semester will go just as well :)

Christmas. I love it so much. Yeah, I just do.

My blog posts always seem to jump around a lot. Sorry if it bugs you...that's just how my mind works.

Oh, and so today Liv and Sof and I /tried/ for the second time to get a good picture of us for our Christmas card. I have a strong feeling that if we were all guys, or if /they/ were guys, that this would be a much easier task. But no, we're girls. So that means we're picky about our appearance in these pictures that's we're sending out all over the world =P And, we happen to also be goofy girls that have goofy facial expressions. haha, so it's hard to get a picture where all 3 of us: A) are smiling, B) have our eyes open, C) do not resemble elves or monsters or the like and D) consider ourselves not stupid looking =P lol, yes. We struggle. Oh well. It's life. And I'm glad I'm not a guy. Though guys are great too =P

So I got to go to a vintage Christmas swing dance a little over a week ago. It was such great fun. I. Love. Swing dancing. It is incredibly fun. I swear, everyone must try it at some point in their lives. And you know what made it even more fun than normal swing dancing? We got to get dressed up in formal 50's vintage dress and we danced to a live band ;) Pretty fantastical ;) Maybe I'll post pictures soon....

Alright. So like, I suppose most of this related to Christmas or Thanksgiving in a way. Although, not exactly how I planned it =P Oh well. Goodnight =)


Lou said...

oh goodness, those puppies are adorable!! :)

Lou said...

heehee ;)

Matt said...

haha you make me feel guilty for writing such a long Christmas list :P

They're cute ;)

Good post. and don't forget that, if it comes to it, I can take your pictures for you :) In fact I'd love to.

Emily said...

haha, you don't have to feel guilty, Matt =P

Yes, glad you both agree with me ;)

Well, idk Matt, my mom wants us to have some picked out really soon. I don't think we'd be able to coordinate something fast enough. Plus, I'd have to ask my parents for permission too. But thanks for the offer!

Matt said...

lol, I was jk ;)

Actually, Josiah is supposed to be coming by your house tomorrow for some reason and he said that he might bring me along so that I could take the pictures for the dvd cover...and if you wanted I could do it then. But yeah, it was just a suggestion. you're welcome :)