November 4, 2009

Should I post? Ok, I will.

Well, today I felt like making a post at like lunch time. But, I couldn't because I was still doing school and didn't want to get online and get distracted. I'm good at that. haha

Anywho. So. I suppose I should talk about something. Since that's generally what you do when you have a blog and make posts. =P

First off, I am crazy. Or at least my mind feels like I am. School takes so stinkin' long. Like for seriously. I started school at 8am and didn't finish until 7pm. And I did not waste time. Yes, that's what it is. School is to blame for making me crazy!!

Also. I am so stinkin' thankful for the friends I have been blessed with. They rock. They make me love my God even more. And right now, I feel like mentioning Sam, my online friend. I want to meet her some day. She's quite awesome herself. =]

So I have been taking a swing dancing class with about 14 other friends. We have had a blast taking the class and i have learned a ton. Swing dancing is probably my favorite 'hobby' or whatever you call it, ever!

I'm not sure what else to talk about. I could always ramble on but, I don't want to waste your time. And my brain is too fried to think of something deep or intelligent to say.

'Night =)