October 29, 2009

Our Little Adventure!

A couple of weeks ago I went camping with my family and several other families. On Saturday afternoon, Eric, Brandon, Morgan, Cara and I wanted to go for a little walk. It had been raining on and off all morning, so we just wanted to take a short hike around part of the lake....or so we thought.[insert the DUNDUNDUN here] ;)

Well, after hiking for about 30 or 45 minutes, we decided we *had* to be almost half way around and that we'd just keep going. Well, we kept going farther and farther, and it kept seeming like we were about half way around. We walked by the 'day use area' that had bathrooms and water fountains, so we figured that it wouldn't hurt to take a quick break there. And then we kept walking. Finally, after thinking 'ok, this is a little longer than we thought', we were considering turning around, we thought we just *had* to be half way at that point and turning around would take longer. So we kept walking and yes, we followed trails this whole time.

Then, at one point the trail just seemed to end, but we figured that if we kept walking along the lake that we'd eventually find it again. Well, we didn't exactly. And for a while were in the middle of tall grass and thorns and trees. Let me just add right here that out of all 5 of us who owned cell phones, all of us happened to forget our phones...go figure. Eric decided that we should stop and pray(thanks bro ;)), cuz' we were really starting to get lost and were probably in a little over our heads. Shortly after that, we found a deer trail, that we followed and it led us to a trail that was obviously made by people. At that point, we noticed that we hadn't seen any other humans in quite a while and that even though we /were/ walking on a trail, it wasn't a marked one and we had no idea where it would lead(and we had heard gunshots the day before in these woods).

Anyhow, to make a long story short-er, this trail led us to a road that had no street signs, so we still didn't know where we were. We were considering stopping a car and asking because at this point we had be hiking for nearly 4 hours. But no cars seemed interested in stopping, so we kept walking. We came upon a few houses and decided we needed to go knock on someone's door and at least see what road we were on and maybe ask to borrow a phone. We decided to have me and Brandon go knock and luckily, these people were pretty nice. The lady felt so bad for us and they even offered to drive us back to the campground. Apparently, it would be another 3 or so mile hike back to the campground. So, we took the offer and all jumped into the back of the man's truck, who then brought us back.

Yes, it was an adventure. God was faithful, He lead our way and kept us safe. Praying always pays off. We ending up hiking an estimated 5 or more miles and I have never been more thankful to have guys with me, haha! The 20 minute hike turned into more like 4 hours and the trail that we thought went around the lake was actually non-existent(we checked the map when we got back to the camp site, lol). I don't think any of us will ever forget this, lol.

The end. Yeah, sorry it was this long =P


Darcy Herlihy said...

O.O WOW. That sounds like the part where someone goes "That was fun, lets do it again sometime!" You must have been exhausted!

Libby said...

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Libby x