September 22, 2009

Hello there faithful readers!

Yes, your unfaithful blogger has decided to post again. I'm not really sure what you like to read most. So, I'm just going to post what I feel like talking about and hopefully it isn't too

This past month or two has been very interesting for me. I started school 4 weeks ago and I am so busy with it. I have had to work harder than I ever have, and it feels really good :) I have lots of subjects and actually will have enough credits to graduate at the end of this year, but my parents have deemed it wiser for me to do a full 4 years of school and not graduate a year early. I always have wished I could graduate early, but when it actually came up as a possibility this year, reality really struck me. In one way, it's hard to imagine myself as a full time college student next year and entering a whole new season of life. But, I'm going to trust my parent's decision and be content with where God has me now. =)

In addition to life picking up in busyness, it is also hopefully going to be changing again soon because I have decided to apply for a job. I really would like to work at Chickfila where I can work half-way normal hours and get a regular paycheck. I'm going to probably apply this month, so we'll see where I get with that. If it's God's will for me, I know He will work it out :) If/when I do get a job I can't wait to see how God will give be the strength to keep up with work, school and life. It'll be a lot of work, but I know I can do it with His help :)

hmmm, what else? Oh, I have some more baby hedgehogs :) They were born two weeks ago and I wasn't too sure how they'd do, because last time, this same mom killed her litter. Sad, I know, but that is just sometimes how it goes with animals. Anyhow, right now, the babies are doing well and I'll hopefully get to hold them sometime this week and get pictures, which I will be sure to post =D

Random, but: next month, I'm taking swing dance lessons and I'm soooo excited about it. Yay! =D *does a little happy dance*

Fall is officially here. I am excited for the cooler, beautiful weather.....I just love it...jeans, hoodies, baking....all good stuff ^_^

With fall starting to 'show up', we are in a rush to finish filming our movie. We have only two more filming days and then it's just time to get the movie edited. I'm very exicted to be done and see the finished product! And, when we're done filming, everyone will have 'freedom' and a lot more free time on their hands, lol!

Ok, so there is a little(or rather big) update from me. Life is good. God is good.

One more thing. I was reading in Proverbs last night and came across this verse: "As in water, face reflects face, so the heart of man reflects the man." What a reminder this is. That my heart is going to make me the person I am, or rather, my 'image'(character) and heart are connected... they are either both going to be beautiful or both be very ugly...and you ca't fix one without fixing the other ;) Just a little random thought :)