August 17, 2009

What have I been up to?

I'm sorry for not posting a lot recently. Anyhow, let me type a quick update. I got my wisdom teeth out a couple of weeks ago. The recovery was not too bad. Then, there was the youth day. That was really awesome. I had a fun time with friends and some great teaching. I got to see some people that I don't normally get to spend time with, like Stephanie and Aly, so that was nice =) Oh, I got in to my first college class. That starts today.

hmmm, what else? I have just generally been busy with life. We've had a couple of movie meetings, Bible study, Kung Fu Panda with friends, AMP's awesome concert. I know I must be forgetting something. Oh well, I just need to post more regularly ;)

Oh and I finally got a facebook. But I promise, that is not why I haven't posted very much... My life had just been crazy =)

I wanna make a deeper post. Let me think on that and see what I come up with! ;)

random btw, these are my favorite smilies: =) and =P they are the most fun, haha


Matt said...

I've recently started using ':P' a lot lol